Sonido en Vivo

Sonido en Vivo was a radio program that I created with sound engineer Diego Hoyos, to document and disseminate the musical heritage performed live.

Sonido en Vivo Intro

This program in Radio Documentary format sought to safeguard not only the music as a creation but the ways in which artists perform depending on the stage, the audience and specific contexts, time and space. Sonido en Vivo is the continuation of the academic project ‘Radio in Concierto’ (Concert Radio), which Diego Hoyos and I did as bachelor project.

—>You can find the research and the concert we recorded with La Revuelta Folk Froup, Yurgaki and Juanita Delgado here.

For ‘Sonido en Vivo’ I explored hundreds of recordings of concerts performed around the world, and like a puzzle, I tried to put together the pieces about each concert, the artistic moment of the musicians, the place and the particularities that allowed the music to sound as it did, as well as the stories behind each particular concert.

—> Find some programs and concerts we produced for Sonido en Vivo here.

The program started capturing acoustic recordings in the studio of the Javeriana Estéreo radio station, then, it spread as “Radio en Concierto” making exclusive recordings and concerts in the Pablo VI Auditorium of the Javeriana University in Bogotá, as part of my Bachelor thesis, and finally expanded to Bogotá and Colombia, touring the space and going to record first hand the concerts that took place in the city. We called this version “Sonido en Vivo” which translates Live Sound.

‘Sonido en Vivo’ Intro

Technical Data

Title: Sonido en Vivo

Language: Spanish

Year: 2008-2014

Genre: Music documentary

Broadcast: Thursday, 7:00 p.m. Javeriana Estéreo 91.9FM

Length: 55 minutes

Direction, research, script and voice: Tathiana Sánchez

Music recording and production: Diego Hoyos