I’m Tathiana Sánchez

I’m Tathiana Sánchez, from Bogotá, Colombia, living and working in Dresden, Germany. Over the last twelve years, I’ve been immersed in the world of communications, culture, media and marketing. I’ve been working in communications and marketing for public, academic and private institutions, connecting people, creating networks (real and technological ones), and promoting dialogue through digital participation and interaction.

I love to learn how different people around the world do the same things I do, in a different way.

I speak Spanish, English and German. Beyond the languages, I think I’m a good communicator because I like to listen to others, their stories and recognize there that, in the end, we are not that different.

I could help you coordinate and manage communication and marketing to achieve understanding between people who have different cultures, traditions or ways of seeing the world.

Why is it important? Because in today’s globalized world, increasingly connected and diverse, companies have more and more talent from all over the world with different traditions and customs. Also, messages and insights should be prepared to reach multicultural audiences, because customers may be in places they have never heard of before.

My goal in all these scenarios is to connect, and the key for me is that I see diversity as a treasure.