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Finding the sounds of World Heritage

This project was born as part of my master’s thesis for a master of arts degree in World of Arts. It was developed on 2022, with the main focus on the World Heritage Site of Bamberg, Germany. There were also some explorations in other Heritage Sites such as Segovia in Spain, Reims and Paris in …

Globalization and cultures

Podcast created to analyse global cities, their history, characteristics, economical and cultural implications and evolution. We presented two cities and their processes to become global: Dubai and Silicon Valley. Topic: Globalization and cities Language: English Creators: Tathiana Sánchez and Rabea Hoffman Year: 2020

Bojaya Fundrising Project

Strategic planning of a project to raise funds to continue the reparation processes of the Bojayá community after the massacre in 2002, as well as processes of forgiveness, reconnection with the territory and documentation of memories and meanings today of what happened then. Fundraising project Year: 2020 Project made by: Tathiana Sánchez, Roger Negredo, Ivan …